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How Trenchless Drilling Helps Road and Highway Construction

Technicians are performing a trenchless drilling project near a bridge

Drilling projects in BC can take a long time and often interfere with general infrastructure. This is where trenchless drilling comes in.

An industrial drill can take up a lot of space, so with traditional drilling methods, you may need to block off roads and buildings, which isn't ideal for anyone who needs to use them. Trenchless drilling causes minimal disturbance and surface disruption.

In this guide, we'll discuss how horizontal directional drilling helps with road and highway construction.

What Is Trenchless Drilling?

There are various types of drilling, and trenchless drilling is a process that involves tunnelling into the earth without the need to dig trenches. Digging trenches requires extra equipment and sometimes isn't possible, so trenchless drilling is an effective solution.

It's a fairly modern technique. It originated in the 1970s, and the technology is still advancing. It's also known as horizontal directional drilling

Typical Methods

There are several approaches for trenchless drilling. These include:

  • Horizontal directional drilling

  • Horizontal auger boring

  • Slant drilling

  • Utility tunneling

  • Trenchless pipe lining

  • Microtunneling

The best method to use will depend on the nature of your construction project. For example, horizontal directional drilling is ideal for pipe installation projects in congested or environmentally sensitive areas. It's a versatile yet straightforward option, making it a very popular choice.

Benefits of Trenchless Drilling

Trenchless drilling doesn't require as much equipment as traditional drilling. This helps speed up the process while keeping costs down.

It's a very flexible method. It may not be possible to dig trenches in some situations, so many projects can't be completed using traditional methods. Horizontal directional drilling is viable for projects near highways, buildings, rivers, and more.

It is considered an environmentally friendly option because it causes minimal surface disturbance. It also means that less work is needed after the project to get the area back to its original state.

With trenchless drilling, you can go under roads, buildings, rivers, lakes and more. This drilling method allows you to carry out a project without having to cause interruptions to people's everyday lives. This is especially beneficial for larger projects that can take a long time.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services in BC

Horizontal directional drilling is definitely something you should consider. It's ideal for highway and road construction and various other types of projects. There are several benefits that make it a better choice than traditional drilling methods.

Ironman Directional Drilling offers professional trenchless drilling services. We operate in the Lower Mainland, the Kootenays, the Interior of BC, Vancouver Island, the Fraser Valley, and throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. Take a look at what we do to find out more about our services.  Contact us today for your upcoming projects.



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