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Bringing Hydrovac Services to Salmon Arm and Area

Big Iron Hydrovac Services
Copper Island Diving Ltd
Island Divers Underwater Service Ltd.

Does your project require that you locate utilities, but you’re looking for a less destructive method than traditional excavation techniques? Hydrovac services from Ironman Directional Drilling may be your best option. Working in tandem with Big Iron Hydrovac, Ironman Directional Drilling offers an assortment of hydrovac services to Salmon Arm and the surrounding areas. We also work with several local teams of divers, including Copper Island Diving Ltd and Inland Divers


As one of the easiest, most effective, non-destructive excavating techniques, hydrovacing can be used in a variety of situations: 

  • Daylighting buried utilities
  • Catch basin, sump, and drywell cleaning
  • Utility pole (installation and removal)
  • Flushing lines
  • Frozen ground excavating
  • Slot trenching
  • Anchor plate holes
  • Industrial cleaning and vacuuming

Instead of destructive techniques using heavy machinery, hydrovacing employs a high-pressure water system and powerful vacuum. Working together, the pressurized water works to loosen the earth, while the vacuum does its job extracting debris into a tank mounted on a truck. Hydrovac services can be used on all types of ground and soil, including clay, gravel, and sand. Hydrovacing powerful water-jetting action can also cut through frozen ground.

What We Do

With certified welders on staff, Ironman Directional Drilling can assist you with all of the following services:

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