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HDD for Dependable Underground Water Line in BC

At Ironman Directional Drilling, we use horizontal drilling in BC to install high-pressure casings to transport water or sewage from location to location. We employ directional drilling on these sites because they cannot be easily accessed or are in environmentally sensitive areas, such as lakes, rivers, railways, downhill sides, or small mountains.

Homeowners can easily have gas, water, electric, or telecommunications lines placed to their homes through horizontal directional drilling, which is perfect for urban residential areas where houses sit closely together. We can upgrade lawn sprinkler systems, too – all without destroying landscaping.


Please contact us if you'd like to know more about how our directional drilling for your water pipeline and underground water line in BC can help you.

How Does Water Pipeline Installation Work?

There are two main methods for water line installation, excavation and trenchless (HDD). Here at Ironman Directional Drilling in BC, we employ an innovative trenchless technology for water and sewer line installation that offers excellent results without impacting the service area. We evaluate the type of soil, underground elements, and other factors before installing a new water pipe line or replacing an existing one.

horizontal drilling for water and sewer line

Benefits of Trenchless Technology for Underground Water Line Projects:

  • As opposed to excavation, this method doesn’t require extensive digging and won’t cause damage to your property.

  • This method is considered to be eco-friendly.

  • Repairs using the trenchless method are cheaper.

  • This method allows you to use more robust pipes.

  • The trenchless process is faster than other alternatives.


What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling?


Horizontal directional drilling is an innovative way to install pipes, cables, and service conduits without digging trenches. We use horizontal drilling in BC to install water and sewer lines without negatively impacting the service area. Our team creates a pilot hole and then drills it further to put the desired underground utilities in place. We use our cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure accurate depth, angles, and exit points.


Where Can Horizontal Drilling Be Used?


Since directional drilling doesn't require major excavation, we can use it favourably in all kinds of terrains and conditions such as:

  • Long-distances

  • Highway networks

  • Congested urban areas

  • Rivers

  • Farmlands

  • Wet soils

  • Hard and soft clay

  • Environmentally sensitive areas

If you have any questions about our directional drilling in BC, you can contact us and speak to our expert team.


The Benefits of Directional Drilling


The horizontal directional drilling services we provide in BC has many benefits, such as:

  • Minimal disruption of the surface area

  • It can be effective in areas where trenching is not an option.

  • Less chance of damaging the already present utilities.

  • Requires fewer resources in terms of labour and equipment when compared to other methods.

  • Costs lower than other methods.


Common Causes for Underground Water Line Leakage

More often than not, leaks in the underground water pipeline result from wear and tear. However, there are several other reasons that can cause this issue, including:


  • Problems with installation
    Hiring an inexperienced contractor to install your water pipelines in BC can be risky. Even minor errors done during the installation can cause costly repairs down the line. To avoid this, always hire a reliable and professional service provider for all your projects.

  • Irregular pressure
    inconsistent pressure in your pipelines that frequently jumps up and down at quick intervals can also cause damage to your pipeline. The team at Ironman Directional Drilling in BC is experienced in resolving such issues and is ready to assist you.
  • Damage due to pests or rodents
    Pests and rodents like beavers, rats and gophers could also compromise your pipes. Sometimes, they can cause damage to underground systems even below the ground level, causing leaks.


Contact Us For Reliable Underground Water Line in BC

Call Ironman Directional Drilling if you're ready for us to implement our expert horizontal directional drilling in BC for any reason. We are eager to fulfil your no-mess drilling needs.

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Reliable Horizontal Drilling Services in BC

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