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24/7 Directional Drilling in Western Canada

Directional drilling is the method of digging large diameter bores for non-vertical wells. This method allows for a controlled deviation of the boring process, which is both cost effective and environment-friendly. Do you need underground utility and infrastructure installations but don’t want to disturb above-ground structures or landscaping? Ironman Directional Drilling offers 24/7 horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services in Nanaimo BC and other areas in Western Canada for homeowners, businesses and industrial clients throughout British Columbia. Our drilling services won’t affect roads, highways, parking lots, creeks and rivers, railways, golf courses, buildings, etc. We offer our directional drilling services in Cranbrook and surrounding areas too.


Drilling Through Solid Rock

Ironman Directional Drilling is proud to have completed many solid rock drilling projects. Need to drill through solid rocks? Please contact us.


Clean, Eco-Friendly, Safe Drilling

At Ironman Directional Drilling, we use optimum technology, operating with a smaller footprint and minimizing the disturbance to surrounding areas and ecosystems. Directional drilling is perfect for environmentally sensitive areas. It costs less than other methods and is a faster option, as well.


Benefits to Homeowners

Homeowners have appreciated our ability to cleanly place new gas lines from the gas main to homes without damaging driveways, to bore under lawns for sprinkler system upgrades while causing minimal disturbance to landscaping, and more. Horizontal directional drilling in Trail and other locations throughout BC is ideal for:

  • Installation of gaselectric, water and telecommunications

  • Boring under roads, landscaping, water crossings, parking lot lighting, lawn sprinkler sleeves, pole barn water and electric, water services and sewers

  • Installations in diverse soil conditions

  • Crossing roads, railways, canals, rivers, water courses, pools and underground facilities

  • Geothermal installations

Benefits to Commercial, Industrial & Other Clients

Directional drilling is an affordable, quick and popular method of installing a wide range of utilities without the need for parking lot patching, reseeding grass, grading, etc. Also:

  • HDD won’t cause traffic disruptions.

  • HDD drills under lakesrivers, structures, roads and other impediments.

  • HDD can bore below the freeze line in winter months, so the job starts earlier and finishes sooner.

  • HDD is environmentally friendly with no disruption to naturally occurring vegetation, etc.

  • Pipes can be installed either straight or curved to steer clear of obstacles.

  • HDD is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including road, landscape and river crossings.

  • Pipes can be made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene, Ductile Iron, and steel if the pipes can be pulled through the drilled hole.

  • HDD is quick and cost-effective.

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Contact Us

Ironman Directional Drilling’s utmost priority is health and safety and pleasing the client. We believe that the most important elements of any successful drill project are careful planning and great project management. Call Ironman Directional Drilling in Castlegar and other BC communities today and see for yourself!


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Certified welders on staff

  • Electrical conduit installation for traffic/airport and street lights

  • Sanitary force main, sanitary gravity mains; (0.1% slope)

  • Lake intakes for water or geothermal

  • Railway crossings for conduit or drainage installations

  • Telecommunication installations and upgrades

  • Installing and upgrading services to houses, businesses, etc.

  • Installation and upgrading of irrigation pipes

  • Installation of horizontal geothermal systems

  • Installation of steel casings

  • Culvert cleaning

  • Micro trenching

  • Hydrovac / Semivac

  • Fusion and electofusion for PVC, HDPE, and MDPE

  • Watermain and water service installs

  • Crossing environmental  or archeologically sensitive areas without disturbance


Ironman Directional Drilling applications have also included:

  • Under rail line installations without service downtime

  • Glycol and jet fuel pipeline installation at active airports

  • Pipeline bundled with multi-use conduit under active runways

  • Retrofitting residential and commercial sprinkler systems

  • Upgrading power service to end users

  • Crossing protected forests and wetlands

  • Geothermal installations

Depth does not matter to us when drilling. We can complete an install at 50' deep if your  project requires it.


Our Service Area: 

We Offer Horizontal Drilling Service throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What We Do

With certified welders on staff, Ironman Directional Drilling can assist you with all of the following services:

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