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Environment Friendly Horizontal Drilling in Parksville BC

Currently, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is the best technology utilized in multiple industries to minimize the environmental impact for underground infrastructure installations, something that is becoming increasingly important as we expand and further our industries in and around natural spaces. If you’re looking for horizontal drilling in Parksville or the surrounding area, or have any questions about how it works, etc., please don’t hesitate to call Ironman Directional Drilling for more information or to book a consultation.

New Technology Protects the Ecosystem

Constant advancements in the industry, such as horizontal drilling, allow us to operate with a smaller footprint, thus minimizing the disturbance to surrounding areas, infrastructure, and ecosystems. Unlike traditional trenching, you won’t have to dig a whole big trench to get in and around obstacles - we can now go under buildings, roads, railroads, and even water. You’ll still have some damage to deal with when it comes to having heavy machinery around but it will be significantly less than if you were going with the traditional trenching technique.

Directional drilling allows you to install multiple pipelines from one location, minimizing disturbance in the rock formation and surrounding environment, as well as avoiding contamination of the surrounding ground water. Horizontal drilling also gives you the ability to work in inclement weather, which will minimize downtime and time spent in the environment with all your equipment. This will lessen your long-term impact on your surroundings.

workers on job site horizontal drilling

At Ironman Directional Drilling, the environment is important to us. We are always working to come up with and implement new ideas to lessen the impact on the environment when it comes to projects that we work on. 

New techniques in monitoring and warning systems, the creation of non-toxic drilling fluids and new and advanced drilling techniques help us to avoid environmental impacts so we can still take part in certain industries without destroying the environment and surrounding areas. This may help to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the areas that we’re working in as well.

Conserving Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Ironman Directional Drilling has completed projects in the heart of environmentally sensitive areas along the West Coast of British Columbia, urban centers and the most remote rural areas, including lakes and rivers. We always try to keep the impact we have on the environment in mind whenever we work on a project. Call us if we can provide horizontal drilling for you, from Parksville to Kelowna and beyond.

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