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Reliable Horizontal Directional Drilling Company in BC

Horizontal directional drilling is an environmentally friendly drilling technique. Not only does it minimize the environmental impact of installing underground utility lines, but it also reduces safety hazards. If you need directional drilling contractors in BC, choose Ironman Directional Drilling. We are dedicated to delivering quality work with the help of our experienced crew.

Horizontal directional drilling is an excellent alternative to traditional and disruptive excavations. For more information about directional drilling in BC, contact us. Our team of professionals will be happy to address your questions and concerns.

Horizontal Directional Drilling – We are Your Trusted Partner in Precision and Efficiency!

Ironman Directional Drilling is an expert in horizontal drilling, offering unparalleled services in BC. With a track record of completing hundreds of directional drilling projects across BC, we have become a go-to choice for projects of varying complexities.

Our Specialization

Horizontal drilling is at the core of our operations, and we excel in providing top-notch services to meet the various requirements of our clients. We understand the unique challenges posed by projects that involve lakes, rivers, railways, or highways and our team is adept at navigating through these environments with precision and care.

Versatility in Length and Size

Our directional drills span lengths ranging from 15 to 600 meters, showcasing our commitment to adaptability and precision. Whether you require drilling for a short-distance utility project or an extensive infrastructure development, we have the experience and equipment to handle everything.

Comprehensive Size Range

Understanding that every project comes with its unique specifications, we offer a range in sizes for our directional drills, from 3/4″ to 24″. This versatility ensures we can tailor our services to meet your project's specific demands, providing customized solutions that guarantee success.


When you partner with us, you choose a team combining technical proficiency with a deep understanding of the local landscape.


Explore the possibilities of precision and efficiency with Ironman Directional Drilling – your trusted ally for all horizontal drilling needs in BC.


Contact us today!

We can meet your directional drilling requirements for various applications across BC.


  • Water & Sewer: We offer water and sewer line installations using innovative trenchless technology.

  • Electrical / Fiber Optics: We can strengthen your network communication by installing fiber optic cables with the help of directional drilling.

  • Gas & Oil: As your trusted directional drilling contractors in BC, we are well-equipped to install underground and underwater gas and oil conduits.

  • Lakes, Rivers & Oceans: Whether it’s drilling through solid rocks or installing water intakes in sewers, lakes, or rivers, we can do it all.

  • Roads & Highways: Instead of excavating roads and highways to install conduits, we can use our HDD methods to reduce disruption and traffic delays.

  • Railway Crossings: Drilling under or destroying railroad crossings is not only a safety hazard but is also costly. We can install all kinds of ducts without issues, using horizontal directional drilling.

  • Fusion: We offer both butt and electrofusion services for HDPE, PVC, and  MDPE.

  • Underground Pipework: Be it irrigation, sewer, drainage, or water supply pipes, we are experienced and equipped to install all kinds of underground pipes.

  • Fusible PVC: From telecommunications to wastewater applications, PVC pipes are proven to enhance efficiency in various projects. That’s why we install fusible PVC pipes.

  • Electrofusion: We offer welding services to create strong, durable pipe joints that withstand high pressure.

  • HDPE: HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer known for its versatility. We can use it for various applications, such as electrical conduits, power plants, gas pipelines, etc.

  • Plowing: Apart from directional drilling services, we also offer plowing solutions. We can directly plow numerous cables or pipes into the ground for a faster and more economical installation.

  • Hydrovac: We also provide hydrovac services as another non-destructive excavation technique. It employs a high-pressure water-jetting action for various uses like cutting through frozen ground, slot trenching, and industrial cleaning. We have both hydrovacs and semivacs.

  • Utility Locating: We can help you find utility lines before excavation using our ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning services, or traditional EM locators for water, sewer, or gas.

Our Services

Why Choose Us

Ironman Directional Drilling is committed to offering professional and creative solutions for your drilling needs. Here are some additional reasons to choose us:

Bondable Drilling Contractor

Established in 1999 in Salmon Arm, Ironman Directional Drilling has led the trenchless industry. Our combined experience and drive have contributed to our success in today's horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry.

24/7 Utility Installation

Ironman Directional Drilling’s experienced and dedicated team offers 24/7 drilling to residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the entire province of B.C., including the island, Alberta, and parts of Saskatchewan. We install utilities safely, efficiently and with minimal environmental disruption. On time; on budget.


Cost-effective HDD Services

Moreover, Ironman Directional Drilling provides a more cost-effective method of underground infrastructure installations. The impact on the ecosystem is less invasive in sensitive areas, and installation is quicker from start to finish. See our work for more details.


Environmentally Safe Drilling

We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, safety and environmental stewardship in utility and infrastructure construction. Give us a call today if we can help you.


On-Site Estimates upon Request

We own our equipment and have a team of experts on our staff. Because of our skills, expertise, and machinery, we can meet the demands of your project’s schedule without relying on outside equipment or subcontractors. We deliver all our services on time and  budget!

High-quality Services

Our detail-oriented work, top-grade equipment, skilled team, and great project management have allowed us to deliver quality services in multiple areas across Western Canada. If you are looking for experienced directional drilling contractors in BC, it’s time to connect with us!

Contact Us

 If you are looking for a company that offers environmentally friendly drilling services in BC, give us a call today.

Mike: 250-833-2480 | Bob: 250-833-2815 | Office:  250-832-2594 |  

7284B Highway 97B, Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 2Y6 | Get Directions


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