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Expansion of Our Service Area

Drilling Equipment

Ironman Directional Drilling has been providing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services for over 16 years.  From our head office in Salmon Arm, we manage projects in British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan.


Why such a large service area?  It’s all about customer service!  Whether you need directional drilling in Prince George, on your farm outside Lethbridge, the oil fields of Alberta, or have a project that requires directional drilling in Abbotsford, we are there for you.


Here’s why:

  • A study in the Harvard Business Review found that more than 2/3 of customer defections were caused by what customers felt to be an uncaring or unhelpful response to their needs.  That’s an amazing statistic! Especially when you consider that only 14% changed suppliers or contractors because of low product quality. At Ironman Directional Drilling we promise we will give you all the attention your project deserves, whether it is a need for directional drilling in Terrace, BC, or in Edmonton. We will do everything in our power to answer your questions right away, and if we can’t do that to your satisfaction, we’ll get back to you in the shortest delay possible. Nobody likes to wait. We don’t. You don’t.  We will give you our full attention, and then…
  • ...act on our promise.  This is why our service area has expanded like it has. The efficiency of our dispatch capacity and project management capabilities mean we are able to do the job  on time and on budget  throughout BC, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan. We have such a large service area because we want to be able to offer our services to those who might not have access to them normally. And we’ll do it right.
  • And throughout the entire process we will be there to handle any problems that may arise and address all questions and concerns you may have.  With their many years of experience, Mike and Bob will handle any issues that may arise, whether you need directional drilling in Prince George or in Hundred Mile House. And we’ll address all your concerns with the respect they deserve.


For over 16 years, Ironman Directional Drilling has been providing ecological and cost-effective directional drilling services in Abbotsford and Vancouver with as little down-time and disruption to your daily routine as possible.


With our HDD services, we spare you the cost and trouble of digging up expensive landscaping, driveways and walkways; no more need to disrupt traffic; and we drill safely under waterways and ecologically sensitive areas to avoid disrupting vegetation as much as possible and avert erosion.


If you have a project that requires directional drilling in Terrace, or Banff, contact us at Ironman Directional Drilling. We’re there for you throughout BC, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan.


Call us!

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