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Benefits of Using HDD for Your Construction Project

a black and orange excavator on site

Did you know that the Canadian construction industry employs more than 1.4 million people and generates 140 billion dollars annually? A good portion of this production takes place in BC. With statistics like that, competition is fierce, and you need to embrace new technologies.    

Nowadays, many construction projects require some form of drilling to install pipe systems, water lines,  underground cables, electrical conduits and more. One method which you should consider is horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Keep on reading to learn more about the many benefits that HDD can bring to your next construction project in BC!


What Is HDD? 

Horizontal directional drilling is an efficient, effective, cost- and environmentally-friendly technique used for boring in hard-to-reach places. The term “horizontal” refers to the direction perpendicular to the axis of the borehole. This method has great potential and allows you to advance your construction project without interfering with the surrounding environment and infrastructure.


Benefits of HDD 


Cost Savings

HDD can be completed at a lower cost because it does not require the additional heavy equipment employed by standard drilling methods like trenching. With less heavy machinery utilized, fewer operators are needed, and you can save on labor and other associated costs.



Since the worksite has a smaller footprint than other drilling methods, there is less disruption to the land. This is especially helpful when the work is being done in a residential area. The lack of disruption also makes HDD more environmentally friendly


Faster Installation and Completion

HDD is faster than other drilling methods because it uses machine that drills horizontally rather than vertically. There is less disturbance to the ground, meaning that cleaning and restoring the worksite takes less time. 

In addition to that, due to the lower amounts of disturbance and equipment, fewer permits are required for HDD. Lightening the permitting process can also speed up the work and provide additional cost savings.


Other Considerations of HDD

As with any construction project, regulations are essential for horizontal directional drilling to protect the environment and prevent damage to existing underground structures. The local regulations for the permits required for HDD may vary, so it is important to investigate those thoroughly. Some construction may have a national regulatory body with its own codes that you need to follow. 


Getting Ready for Your HDD Project

As you can see, HDD has great potential in many construction projects. It requires fewer permits, costs less, and allows construction to take place without the need for excessive surface disruption.


If you’re considering using HDD in your next construction project in BC, we’ve got you covered. Here at Ironman Directional Drilling, we provide high-quality horizontal directional drilling services in BC to a wide range of commercial and residential clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services!



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