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Meet Clients of Ironman Directional Drilling in Salmon Arm

Here at Ironman Directional Drilling, we have completed around 500 directional drills into or under lakes and rivers, varying in length from 15m to 600m and sizes from 3/4″ to 24″. We have achieved an extremely high success rate and pride ourselves in completing all projects on time and on budget, with a priority on safety and minimal environmental impact.


Projects and Clients

Take a look at a few examples of previous jobs and clients who contracted our services for drilling under or into rivers or lakes:


Richmond BC (2017-2018)
Bell Canada fiber optics installations


Elbow Saskatchewan (2018)

Raw water intake into Lake Diefenbaker

Fairmont Hot Springs (2017- 2018)
RV park expansion


Pinch Creek Alberta (2018)

Raw water intake


Edmonton (2016)

Fiber optics installation


City of Vancouver (2016)

Fiber optics installation to UBC


Fairmont Hot Springs (2016)

Dutch Creek water supply line


Haida Gwaii (2016)

130km GwaiiTel fiber optics installation


Salmon Arm (2015)

Fusible C900 – water supply for Green Emerald subdivision


Langley Township (2015)

Fiber optics installation


Lavington (2015)

Tolko Lavington plant – cogeneration


Osoyoos sanitary sewer extension  (2012)

  • 240m of 10″ pipe installed into lake

  • Todd Turnbull, True Consulting, Kamloops


CSRD Sorrento Water System Upgrade Intake  (2010)

  • install 170m 10″ pipe into Shuswap Lake

  • Charlie Higgins, Focus Engineering, Kamloops


Pacific Rim Sewer and Water main Installation  (2011)

  • install 12,000m of 8″- 6″ and 4″ pipe under numerous streams and standing bodies of water in environmentally sensitive areas

  • Steve Verkaik, ISL Engineering, Burnaby


Sicamous 2 Mile sewer Force main  (2011)

  • install 12″ pipe for casing into Mara Lake

  • Brandon Barker, True Consulting, Kamloops


Esowista Sewer Force main

  • install 6,000m of 8″ pipe

  • Giorgio Caon, David Nairne and Associates Ltd, North Vancouver


CSRD Sorrento Water Park System Upgrade  (2012)

  • install 4″ pipe across ball fields for new water park

  • Tim Perepolkin, Gentech Engineering Inc, Salmon Arm


Subdivision Development in Salmon Arm  (2011)

  • Two 4”HDPE casings installed under small lake for the transfer of High Pressure sewage

  • Tim Dunne, Omega & Associates Engineering


Okanagan Lake

  • install a 4” casing for a water intake service.

  • Katrina Gousmett, Biological Tech, Ecoscape Ltd, Kelowna


More of Our Commercial Clients

  • EMCO

  • Royal® Pipe

  • Copper Island Diving

  • Delta Irrigation

  • IPEX


We Thank Our Residential Clients

Ironman Directional Drilling of Salmon Arm is proud to have served a number of homeowners, as well, providing directional drilling under driveways, residential lakes and streams, and more. We are always pleased to provide conduits and ducts for gas, electrical, water or sewer services; or anything else BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan residential communities may need.

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