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Over 24 Years of Success at Ironman Directional Drilling!

Whether it’s directional drilling at Williams Lake, or other rivers and aquatic sites in the central interior of British Columbia, Ironman Directional Drilling’s team and equipment remain key to our clients’ many successes. It’s no secret how we execute our horizontal directional drilling (HDD) projects; it begins with close consultation with our clients, listening to their needs, questions, and concerns. Then, we devise a plan that respects our clients’ project goals, budget, and our shared environment.


Since our company’s inception, Ironman Directional Drilling has taken pride in delivering effective, reliable directional drilling services throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. With state-of-the-art equipment, and highly effective project management coordinators, we can ensure the success of your project.

While we work hard to ensure all projects are completed within their allotted time frames, we will never cut corners if an unexpected hold-up presents itself during the project; we will resolve any issues and make sure the project is completed in a manner that leads to a successful conclusion and one that respects employee safety and the health of the environment.

Directional Drilling in BC: Count on Our Experience

You can count on the experience and professionalism of Ironman Directional Drilling for your directional drilling projects in across Western Canada.

To get started on a directional drilling project, call Ironman Direction Drilling.

successful horizontal drilling project

Your Feedback  is Always  Welcome at Ironman Directional Drilling


We always appreciate our clients’ feedback on the drilling services we provide, and we want to give our clients great service as well as offering quality drilling. If you have any comments about a job we completed for you, please feel free to submit them using the form below.

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