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Six Factors to Consider before Hiring a Drilling Contractor

environmentally friendly drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is an effective way of installing pipes and cables using a surface drilling rig. This environmentally friendly drilling technique ensures no damage is caused to the surrounding areas, infrastructure and ecosystems. Ironman Directional Drilling has provided cost-effective HDD services since 1999. We provide service to residential, commercial and industrial clients in Okanagan Valley, BC Interior, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan.

There are many environmental benefits of HDD and it has become a preferred method for installing utilities and pipelines. Here are certain things you should consider before hiring a horizontal directional drilling contractor:


1. Plan Your Budget


In case of directional drilling, many factors can affect the cost of equipment and labour. Discuss your budget with your drilling contractor to avoid unforeseen expenses. Your drilling company can provide you with a cost-effective drilling option.


2. Experience 


Choose a contractor based on the experience required for HDD. As HDD is a newer technique, not all contractors will be aware of this technology. Look for a drilling contractor having experience that meets your HDD requirements.


3. Reputation


Research the company’s history and how long they have been using HDD for. As HDD is used to minimize environmental impact, choose a contractor who practices environmental friendly drilling.


4. Location


Hire a local contractor to reduce the travel time required to arrive on your site. For remote job location, make sure the drilling company is adhering to work schedules and recommended completion time frame. Local contractors will also be aware of the soil type and necessary equipment required for environmentally friendly drilling.


5. Workplace Safety


Research a company that gives priority to workplace safetywhen compared to standards used for open excavation. Look for a certified drilling contractor that adheres to a safe method of drilling.


6. Ask Questions


Ask relevant questions to understand your drilling contractor’s work. You can use this list to evaluate your drilling contractor expertise What sort of specialized machinery you use?

Check for Ditch Witch® trencher or a reliable, rugged and easy-to-use electrofusion processor.


  • What type of drilling fluids do you use?

For environmental friendly drilling, make sure the contractor uses non-toxic drilling fluids.


  • What techniques do you use for monitoring and warning system?

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is generally used as a monitoring and warning system.


  • What size drill rig will you be using for the job?

This depends on your job location, soil conditions and available space.


  •  What type and size pipe can you install?

The pipe size depends on whether you will lay cable, fibre optic or other lines. The type is usually steel, PVC or ductile iron.


  • Can weather conditions prohibit drilling?

Generally, weather conditions (except freezing temperatures) should not delay directional boring.


Ironman directional drilling provides environmentally friendly drilling for water and sewer, installing gas/oil ducts and installing conduits/ducts or culverts under the railway. Contact us today for more questions about directional drilling in Parksville, and other areas of BC.




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