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HDD Market Trends

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New advances in drilling technology have made new oil and gas exploration possible. That, in turn, has driven the global horizontal directional drilling market. Advancements in horizontal directional drilling include more accurate well placement, cost reduction, and higher productivity.

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a drilling method widely used in construction, building subways, sewers, and water wells underground. Being an alternative to the conventional method of drilling and blasting, HDD of has a wide range of applications, including utility relocation, storm drainage, and mining. The HDD industry has continued to innovate and grow with the increased demand for underground construction.

Read on to learn more about the latest trends in HDD!

Market & Trend Overview

HDD's growth is driven, in part, by the growth of offshore drilling, especially deepwater oil reserves. The market trend takes advantage of the HDD’s low environmental impact. Horizontal directional drills allow for easier access to these reserves.

Forecasts expect natural gas output to hit forty-seven billion cubic feet per day, partially attributed to the HDD technology. Another big trend is the lower break-even prices in hydraulic fracturing, which allows companies access the tight oil reserves.

Industries Using HDD

Many industries use horizontal directional drilling to assist with their projects. This drilling method makes it easier to install pipes and wires because they can pass underneath rivers and other populated areas without excessive surface disruption.

The oil and gas industries employ the method to promote more environmentally friendly drilling. Telecommunications companies use them when they lay cables in new areas. Companies specializing in water and sewer utility also use HDD to install sewer lines and potable water supplies.

Technological Advancements

One of the biggest advancements in HDD technology comes in smaller packages. The smallest machines can fit through a backyard gate. This gives companies greater flexibility in where they can drill.

This flexibility comes with many benefits for utility companies that work in residential and hard-to-reach areas where the smaller size of equipment is more efficient.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Is The Future

The horizontal directional drilling industry has been experiencing sustained growth, owing to increasing demand for cost-effective and safe methods to construct underground tunnels and excavate hard-to-reach areas.

While a still relatively new drilling method, HDD has kept its vision to be on the edge of innovation. It’s an effective way to access oil and gas deposits that were previously not reachable without disturbing the surrounding area. For that reason, HDD has gained huge popularity among oil and gas companies as it reduces costs and time.

Horizontal directional drilling continues to grow as we head into the future. Not only it’s crucial for the economy and operations of many industries, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

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