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Things You Should Know about Directional Drilling

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Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is an optimum technology used to install pipelines or bores below the ground. Compared to traditional trenching, heavy machinery is not needed to get around obstacles. HDD has the best accuracy for your installation or maintenance project. Directional drilling is environment-friendly and can be used to install utilities without causing traffic jams or damaging the existing landscape. Rely on Ironman Directional Drilling for 24/7 horizontal directional drilling (HDD) services throughout Vancouver Island and other communities throughout Western Canada. We use optimum technology that minimizes the disturbance to surrounding areas and ecosystems.


Horizontal Directional Drilling Process and Application

For installation of a pipeline using HDD, a small horizontal pilot hole is drilled under an obstacle (roads, driveways or lawns) with a steel drill rod. The pilot hole is then enlarged as required for the installation of the pipeline. The size depends on the soil type, depth, drilling mud and hydrostatic pressure. When the rod emerges on the exit point, a cutter is attached and pulled back though the pilot hole. The cutter drills out the pilot hole through which the pipe can be pulled through.


HDD has numerous applications for homeowners, businesses and industries. Some of the applications are:

  • Water and Sewer Lines

HDD can be used to drill and install high-pressure casings to transport water or sewage from one location to another.

  • Fibre Optics

HDD can be used to install electrical conduits under roads, railways, parking lots, driveways, water-sensitive areas and landscaped areas.

  • Conduit under a Railway Crossing

Directional drilling offers a safer way to install conduits/ducts or culverts under the railway with little to no damage to the railway base.

  • Gas and Oil Ducts

With HDD, installing oil and gas conduits under roads, railways, or water-sensitive areas is possible without affecting the traffic or landscape.


Why is Horizontal Directional Drilling Beneficial?

HDD is a popular and affordable method for installing different utilities for homeowners, businesses and industrial clients. Some benefits of using HDD are:


1.     Environmental Benefits

Directional drilling minimizes the environmental impact of underground infrastructure installations. HDD reduces the disturbance in the surrounding rock formation when compared to traditional trenching. You can install multiple pipelines from a single location without contaminating the groundwater or soil. HDD offers a more environmentally friendly alternative for installation.


2.     Quick Installation

HDD uses an advanced drilling technique that simplifies the installation without the need for conventional equipment and large crews. As the excess soil is adjusted after drilling, it saves additional time for disposing and reburying the soil.


3.     Low Cost

HDD is a cost-effective solution for your drilling project. With a small crew and less equipment requirement, HDD can be performed at lower costs than open-cut drilling. HDD also helps with less disruption to natural surroundings, thereby saving cleanup and additional construction costs.


4.     Flexible

With HDD, you can install utilities in locations that are less accessible such as railways, canals, rivers. Utilities can also be installed in driveways or lawns without disturbing the surrounding areas. Additionally, pipes can be installed with HDD that are either straight or curved to steer clear of obstacles.


5.     Durable

HDD uses materials such as PVC, polyethylene, ductile iron, and steel that prevents damage when installed. HDD is also suitable for different soil conditions and can be used to bore below the freeze line during winter.


Directional drilling minimizes landscape disturbance and environmental impact, thereby improving productivity. Get in touch with Ironman Directional Drilling to find out more about our drilling services. We offer 24/7 directional drilling services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our additional services include plowing and utility locating.


Contact us today for safe and reliable HDD services in British Columbia.


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