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Fusible PVC BC: The Benefits of Installing Fusible PVC

Fusible PVC

Are you looking for the best piping solution for water, electrical, or telecommunication jobs? Learn why Fusible PVC may be the best material for your project.

Fusible PVC is a modern piping option that has improved specifications over other piping materials. To start, it is more durable, cost-effective, and easier to install. In addition to this, the range of applications fusible PVC offers is incredible.

We are fusible PVC BC (British Columbia) specialists. So, if you want to understand how this piping solution works, what its benefits are, and how we can help you, read on!


What Is Fusible PVC?


Fusible PVC is a special type of PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is what is known as a synthetic resin. It has an incredible array of uses in everything from raincoats to housing materials and piping.

However, fusible PVC is a particular type of PVC that allows different pieces to be fused together. Thermal butt fusion technology allows one piece of pipe to be seamlessly connected to another one.

In terms of piping solutions, this is incredibly important. It allows an extremely long pipe to be quickly assembled without the use of lock rings or other vacuum sealing devices. Since PVC is itself incredibly strong and durable, once the pipe is fused together and set in place, the pipe is operational.

Importantly, too, fusible PVC can be connected to many existing pipelines constructed from other materials.

A fusible PVC pipe can be used to transport water and sewerage under high-pressure conditions. But it is also capable of being used in electrical, industrial, and telecommunications settings.

Because of its versatility and durability, it has become the go-to solution across a wide range of industries.


Fusible PVC Specifications and Benefits


Fusible PVC pipe specifications usually range from between 4 to 36 inches. Fusible PVC pipe manufacturers produce two main types of piping: fusible c900 PVC pipe and fusible c905 PVC pipe.

Fusible PVC c900 covers smaller pipe diameters, while c905 covers larger diameters. The diameter and particular PVC type will affect specifications such as  thermal and pressure resistance.

With all fusible PVC piping, you can expect these benefits:

  • Light-weight

  • Flexible

  • Strong

  • Durable

  • Water disinfectant resistant

  • Low installation costs

  • Scratch and corrosion resistant

In addition to this, fusible PVC pipe failures are almost unheard of. However, because the product is so light and easy to install, repairs are much easier and cheaper to carry out than would be the case with other materials.


Ironman Directional Drilling: Your Fusible PVC BC Specialists


Ironman Directional Drilling has been using fusible PVC piping for years, across a whole range of industries. We are considered fusible PVC BC specialists.

If you are looking for piping solutions throughout Kamloops, Kelowna, Salmon Arm, and other areas of British Columbia,  give us a call. We can walk you through the installation process and explain exactly how fusible PVC can help in your particular situation.

We offer many services, including underground pipework and electrofusion welding to give you a complete solution with no need to coordinate multiple contractors.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and durable piping solution, contact us today!


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