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FAQ's About Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling in Cranbrook and Trail is a trenchless construction technique with numerous residential, commercial, and industrial applications. If you've got some questions about directional drilling, then you've come to the right place. At Ironman Directional Drilling, we provide horizontal drilling services in Parksville, BC and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the most common questions we receive.

Q: How Does Horizontal Directional Drilling Work?

A: Horizontal drilling in Cranbrook, BC begins with the setup of a drill rig on the surface of the ground over the intended location of the pilot hole. A small hole is then drilled from one point along the surface to another in order to make way for the installation of the product pipe. The pilot bore is then enlarged to the necessary diameter through a process known as reaming. Once the hole is large enough, the pipeline is installed in a way that creates continuous segments of pipe from one point to another.

Q: What are the Applications of Directional Drilling?

A: There is a wide spectrum of potential applications for horizontal directional drilling, including:

- Gas and irrigation pipelines

- Drinking water lines

- Sewer pressure lines

- Fibre optic installation

- Electrical conduit installation

- Duct and culvert installation

- Water intakes

- Traffic routing systems

Various pipe materials can be used for the above applications, including high-density polyethylene, PVC, and even steel.

Q: When is Directional Drilling the Best Option?

A: Horizontal directional drilling in Trail and the surrounding areas is usually chosen over trenching and excavating when those methods would not be practical, such as for crossing large waterways, roads, rail yards, vineyards, sidewalks, hillsides, and other sensitive areas. Traditional trenching techniques would typically be impractical and cost-prohibitive for such applications.

Even for applications where trenching methods might be plausible as well, directional drilling can still be the better choice. It is generally safer for workers and the public, creates less disruption, minimizes traffic congestion, and reduces the need for site restoration.

Q: What Kind of an Environmental Impact Does Directional Drilling Have?

A: Horizontal directional drilling has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment. In fact, this is one of the main benefits of using horizontal drilling in Parksville, BC over excavation. The process creates only a small and easily restorable disturbance at the entry and exit locations but causes no additional disruption along the path of the borehole. Advanced monitoring equipment allows workers to quickly catch any issues.

Horizontal Directional Drilling in Trail, Cranbrook, and Parksville, BC

As you can see, directional drilling is a great option in many situations. Ironman Directional Drilling has been a leader in trenchless construction since we were established in Salmon Arm in 1999. Today, we provide horizontal directional drilling in Parksville, BC and all throughout the BC interior. We have the necessary skills and equipment to complete every job, no matter how big or small, safely and efficiently.

If you have any more questions about directional drilling in the Cranbrook or Trail areas, don't hesitate to contact Ironman Directional Drilling today.


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