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Electrofusion Tips for Plastic Pipes and Fittings

Electrofusion in Vernon, Kamloops, and Kelowna, and surrounding areas is a highly effective method for joining plastic piping, creating durable and homogenous joints. It is commonly used for medium- and high-density polyethylene pipes, among other types of plastic piping.

At Ironman Directional Drilling, our experienced technicians provide electrofusion in Kamloops and other cities throughout BC. Here are some of our top tips for using electrofusion to create seamless connections that will stand up to high pressure and tree root infiltration.

1. The first step to ensuring proper electrofusion is to first remove the oxidized pipe layer. Without doing so, the quality of the joint may be compromised. A well-fitted electrofusion scraper will allow you to maintain a constant scrape density. The scraper will also remove any other contaminants that could potentially compromise the joint.

2. To ensure that there are no contaminants left on the pipe before it is inserted into the fitting, you should wipe the scraped surface using specialized electrofusion welding wipes, which will typically have an alcohol content of 90%. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly and take care not to touch the pipe or allow any other contaminants to settle on it during this time.

3. It is best to perform electrofusion in BC when the ambient temperature is at least 5 C or above. In colder temperatures, it will be more difficult to ensure that the fittings are completely free of moisture, which can prevent successful electrofusion. While a trained technician can fuse pipe in colder temperatures, it is generally better to wait for the temperature to increase if you are doing it yourself.

4. Speaking of moisture, it is crucial that the electrofusion area itself is dry regardless of the ambient temperature. If it's a damp day and you are working outside, it is a good idea to place a tent and a wind shield around the work area.

5. Though you need to give the pipe some time to dry, it is also important that electrofusion is carried out within 30 minutes of scraping. UV rays will re-oxidize the scraped area if the pipe is left out for too long. A re-oxidized pipe will need to be re-scraped, with great care taken to ensure the outside diameter maintains clearance tolerances.

6. Finally, when it's time to weld, you can help ensure a straight, tight, and strong joint by using pipe clamps. The clamps will provide you with complete control and keep the pipe from moving around during electrofusion, preventing misalignment.

Electrofusion in Kelowna, Kamloops, and Vernon, and surrounding areas of BC

Electrofusion for HDPE pipe and other types of plastic piping is one of our specialties here at Ironman Directional Drilling. We have the right electrofusion equipment to make quick work of any job, in any conditions, and at any temperature. If you need electrofusion in Vernon, BC or any other city in BC you can rely on our team to create joints that are as strong as the joined piping.

For more information on electrofusion in BC, contact Ironman Directional Drilling today.


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