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Advantages of HDPE Pipes in Underground Infrastructure

high density polyethylene

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, and pipes made from it have become the material of choice for contractors and engineers in today’s drilling industry. The technicians at Ironman Directional Drilling trust the use of HDPE pipes.

We have over 20 years of experience in drilling, and our expert team provides services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We install utilities safely, efficiently and with minimal environmental disruption.


This blog will explain the various advantages of using HDPE pipes.


Why Do HDPE Pipes Stand Out?


There are various reasons why HDPE pipes stand out from the rest. They are:


Ease of handling

HDPE pipes are easy to handle and install when compared to the other pipe materials. This is because the material is about one-eighth the density of steel and doesn’t need heavy lifting equipment for installation; this allows significant cost advantages and ROI. Its flexibility enables bending without additional fittings and installation can be done even over uneven terrains.


 Strength of joints

HDPE pipes can be fused together by heating, to form a joint that is stronger than the pipe itself. Electrofusion and butt fusion are the most common and reliable welding techniques used to weld HDPE pipes.


 Resistance to chemicals and corrosion

HDPE pipes will not corrode, rust or support biological growth. It also has superior chemical resistance compared to other pipes. These features make HDPE pipes ideal for dredging, mining and similar applications.


 Superior flow characteristics

Since HDPE is smoother than cast iron, steel, concrete or ductile iron, an HDPE pipe of smaller diameter can produce an equivalent volumetric flow rate that too at the same pressure.

It has a lower tendency for turbulence and less drag at high flow rates. HDPE’s non-stick surface and chemical resistance nearly eliminate pitting and scaling, preserving the hydraulic characteristics of the pipe system.


Need HDPE Pipe Installation?

At Ironman Directional Drilling, we provide cost-effective methods for underground infrastructure installations. Our team is experienced in working with various equipment. We also take care of the environment while completing our projects.


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Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with finding the right drilling services.


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