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Materials are important when it comes to construction, especially in regards to piping. At Ironman Directional Drilling, we know that there are several factors when it comes to choosing your piping materials for your next project. That’s why we use high-density polyethylene piping, or HDPE. This material is lightweight, flexible, and fusible, without loss of its natural durability and strength. Plus, it’s a very cost-effective material in the long run, which is always something to think about when you begin a project. All these factors together are the reason we prefer to use HDPE in Nanaimo, Victoria, and other communities in BC.


We offer a wide range of services such as hydrovac, plowing and utility locating.


Why use high-density polyethylene piping in Nanaimo, Invermere, Kamloops, Kelowna and and other cities in BC? 


HDPE piping is well-known for its high strength to density ratio, making it a regular choice for projects such as municipal, energy, geothermal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, HVAC gas, oil, and agricultural. It is also chemical and corrosion resistant and can easily be fused for use in any length of piping you need. HDPE has strong tensile strength and is able to withstand higher temperatures. Its smooth surface also allows for a higher volumetric flow rate than your typical steel pipe at the same pressure. Its lightweight nature means that you’re not having to use heavy lifting equipment to get it into place.

It is useful to use HDPE in Victoria, Trail, Creston, Cranbrook, Castlegar and surrounding areas because of the variety of conditions in the area. Our directional drilling methods allow us to install HDPE in virtually any location with minimal disruption to the surrounding landscapes, environment, or structures. It is a versatile type of piping because it is easily fusible without losing its strength. Each joint, thanks to electrofusion, can be strengthened to the same level of strength as the rest of the pipe. This is good news for the environmental side as that will likely mean fewer accidents and therefore less environmental impact and disasters to contend with before, during, and after installation.


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At Ironman Directional Drilling, our motto is to deliver services on time and on budget. We also promote safety and environmental responsibility. If you are looking for HDPE piping in Parksville or other areas of BC, look no further.


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