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Professional Fiber optic Installation in BC


Fiber optics plays an important role in strengthening network communication across different industries. They offer greater bandwidth and faster speed to transmit data compared to copper cables. If you are planning for new fiber-optics installation in Nanaimo or other areas of BC, Ironman Directional Drilling can help. We specialize in providing directional drilling services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Equipped with years of experience, we will complete your project on time.


Ironman Directional Drilling’s services play an essential role in installing electrical conduits under roads, railways, parking lots, driveways, water-sensitive areas, landscaped areas, and just about any other area electrical lines need to go! As with all projects we undertake, we will attempt to create as little above-ground and under-ground disturbance as possible to respect your property and the environment.


We use directional drilling in Terrace and other areas to install various types of infrastructure, including phone lines, electrical service, and fiber optics.



What Are Fiber Optic Cables?


Fiber optic cables are very thin strands of optical fibers used to transmit data over long distances. Fiber optic cables provide a greater bandwidth, and are fully resistant to electrical interference. What really sets them apart is the ability to transmit data across long distances   at the speed of light. 



Why Do I Need Fiber-Optics?


Those who use fiber optic lines on their properties make the most out of their internet experience with high-speeds and dependable networks. If you'd like to find out more about our fiber optic installation, or how it can benefit you, please contact us.



Why Choose Ironman Directional Drilling for Fiber-Optics Installation in BC?


Some of the reasons customers of Ironman Directional Drilling choose horizontal directional drilling (HDD) include:


  • Durability: We use pipes made of strong, flexible materials that are built to last and will stand up to extreme weather.
  • Fast installation: As specialists, we can drill with precision, making fast work of your fiber-optic or electrical HDD project.
  • Low cost: Compared to traditional drilling methods, horizontal directional drilling gives our customers the most value.
  • Flexibility: We can drill around a multitude of man-made and natural features with little disturbance to the environment.

Given that traditional drilling methods aren’t feasible when natural formations (lakes, rivers, etc.) and man-made obstacles (roads, buildings) are present, in these instances, horizontal directional drilling is an effective alternative.


Homeowners, Cities — they Love Us!

For homeowners throughout Western Canada, we can run electrical conduits under your expensive driveway without disturbing it in the least bit. Cities needing fiber optics needn’t worry about churning up roads, stopping traffic, or disturbing native plants – Ironman Directional Drilling can get the job done, expertly, affordably, and with the utmost respect to the environment. Count on us for fiber optics installation in BC.


Call us today to get started on your horizontal directional drilling project. We serve all areas of British Columbia’s central interior, as well as parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What We Do

With certified welders on staff, Ironman Directional Drilling can assist you with all of the following services:

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